5 Amazing Technology Hacks to Boost your Nutrition Practice

Dr. Vishal Marwah
Program Director, NEP

5 Hacks that you will learn in this webinar: 

1) Simple trick in Gmail that will save you hours of effort
2) How to get innovative ideas for emails/print/ad campaign?
3) How to get high quality images for your creatives for FREE?
4) How to transfer your client contacts in bulk from phone to excel? 
5) Secret tool that tells you when someone opens your email

Year Anniversary
INR 500
Sorry - You missed this webinar! It was held on May 15th, 6:00 pm.
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Nutritionist Entrepreneurship Program, 2016 - 20

Initiated by: Vishwas (www.vishwas.org.in)  & Scale Beyond Scale (scalebeyondscale.com)

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