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6 Secrets of Highly Successful Webinar -
Dr Vishal Marwah
Program Director - NEP
Tehzeeb Lalani
Program Director - NEP
6 power-packed workshops
to boost your Nutrition Practice in 2021

Time management - Say hello to productivity

Image by Sonja Langford

What works better - multi-tasking or serial-tasking? How to get a lot done in a short period of time? How to let time work for you instead of you working for time? You will learn this and much more in the workshop designed to enhance your productivity! 


Wednesday, Nov 11th | 7:00 PM

Managing effective team meetings

Image by Christina @

Ever been a part of a team meeting which ends up being more talk and less action? Is there a way to make meetings more fun and productivity? Whether you are managing a team of employees (or interns) or a part of a team managed by someone else, this workshop will equip you with the skills to get the best out of it. 


Wednesday, Nov 18th | 7:00 PM

Closing sales over phone

Image by Vinicius "amnx" Amano

Do you get jitters when a prospective client calls you out of the blue? What's the best thing to say in the first call? How do you handle rejection and excuses from your clients? In this workshop, you will learn all the master techniques for handling sales calls over the phone. 


Wednesday, Nov 25th | 7:00 PM

The creativity


Image by William Iven

Is creativity in-born or could it be learnt? We believe that anyone can be creative if you apply the right techniques! In this experiential, hands-on workshop, you will discover the secrets of generating great ideas really quick by exercising your left and right brain and using the power of the collective mind.  


Wednesday, Dec 2nd | 7:00 PM

Personal Branding - 

your competitive


Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Do you really need a brand name or could you do without it? How do you differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace? How does your brand personality affect the way your clients perceive you? In this highly engaging and interactive workshop, you will discover your own 'personal brand'. 


Thursday, Dec 3rd | 7:00 PM

Reinventing yourself - How to get out of the rut?

Image by CoWomen

If 2020 has put you in a tight spot, you are not alone! In our last workshop of the season, we will provide you with the ultimate roadmap to break-free from the rut, and chart out a promising 2021! You absolutely cannot afford to miss this one!  


Wednesday, Dec 9th | 7:00 PM

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