Nutritionist Entrepreneurship Program, 2016 - 20

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Winter cycle starts on January 26th, 2019
Applications processed on rolling basis
Build your Brand
Grow your practice
Achieve Financial independence

About NEP

NEP is a highly selective entrepreneurship program for Nutritionists and Dietitians which empowers them to build, sustain and grow their business and nutrition practice.


NEP graduates have made a name for themselves and are recognised for their innovative and cutting edge practices in the health and nutrition space.

NEP is for you if...

  1. You are a fresh Nutrition graduate looking to start your own practice
  2. You are an established nutritionist/dietician looking to grow your practice and need help along the way
  3. You value work-life balance and are searching for creative ways to earn while working from home
  4. You are tired of your routine job, and would like to try something innovative in the healthcare space

Benefits of NEP

  1. Ample support, guidance and preliminary hand-holding from industry experts and mentors
  2. Expand and grow your practice under your own personal brand 
  3. Earn up to 2 to 5x more per month as compared to a full-time job
  4. Become an entrepreneur and enjoy a great work-life balance!
Program dates: Aug 15th to Oct 10th, 2019
Application deadline: July 1st, 2019



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the inspiring

6 week journey of NEP fellows

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