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NEP Freedom Pass Season 3

Dt. Tehzeeb Lalani

Program Director - NEP


Dr. Vishal Marwah

Program Director - NEP


Franchising, Partnerships and Collaborations

Thursday, Jan 13th, 2022
7.00pm - 8.30pm
NEP Season 3 Webinar Series
(LIVE webinar every month + Video recordings)
Season 3 - NEP Freedom Pass Series (3).p
  1. The Master Blueprint - Planning for success in 2021 

  2. The Financially wise Nutripreneur - Finance Tips every Nutritionist/Dietitian should know

  3. Growth Hacks for your practice - generating lead magnets 

  4. Good, Bad, Weird - Making your designs stand out! 

  5. Right questions, wrong answers - how to do Qualitative research?

  6. Technology to ‘Wow’ your clients - engagement in the virtual world

  7. Predictably Irrational - understanding the mysteries of human behavior 

  8. The anatomy of an Ad - how to run effective campaigns?

  9. Win-Lose-Win - Gamify your Nutrition Practice 

  10. NEP Ki Adalat - Ethics in Nutrition practice 

  11. Mindfulness in practice - for you and your clients 

  12. From one to many - Franchising in the Nutrition world 

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