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NEP Freedom Pass Season 2 Finale
Dr Vishal - Copy.png

Dr Vishal Mawah

Founder, Program Director - NEP

Tehzeeb png.png

Dt. Tehzeeb Lalani

Program Director - NEP

The Creative Thinking Toolkit - Workshop

NEP Annual Awards Ceremony

NEP Virtual Social

Surprises, prizes and more!

Wednesday, Dec 23rd
6:30 pm to 8.30 pm
Season 2 Webinars:
  1. Nutrition supplement recommendations - A complete guide for clinical practice

  2. Counselling for behaviour change - A deep-dive  

  3. Nutripreneur End game - Winning the war against fad diets and quacks

  4. Business communication 101 - Crafting your competitive edge

  5. First 100 days - Early strategies for growing your new nutrition venture and/or latest nutrition project  

  6. Food product development -  Emerging business opportunities 

  7. Shoot, share, encash - Monetizing your video content

  8. Tailoring Nutrition interventions - Strategies for managing cultural diversity  

  9. Go digital - latest trends in online marketing

  10. Practice what you preach - How to be a role model for your clients 

  11. Business Automation 101 - Time-saving technology to your rescue

  12. The resilient Nutripreneur - Managing both success and failure 

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