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NEP Financial Freedom Webinar Series.png
NEP Freedom Webinar Series
- Season 1 -
  1. Motivational counselling techniques for difficult clients 

  2. Build an online practice with zero investment 

  3. Video-making workshop for Nutritionists

  4. Capturing the community 

  5. Basics of Finance management 

  6. Effective pricing strategies - Get more for less 

  7. Blogging essentials for Nutritionists 

  8. Legal essentials - Copyright, Trademark and Registration

  9. Corporate Wellness - an emerging space

  10. Building a Maternal and Child Nutrition practice 

  11. Building a Sports Nutrition practice 

  12. Generating Passive income for your Nutrition practice

  • Access to Season 1 Webinar recordings

  • Access to private Facebook group

  • Access to an exclusive WhatsApp community with 150+ Nutritionists

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