June 21, 2019

Mango season in Mumbai where I live is almost behind us!

I work from home which means it takes a special kind of focus to get anything done. It also means that I get to witness strange and interesting things through my day!

Last month, while I was plopped at the dini...

May 3, 2018

Dear fellow Nutritionist,

A lot of people I meet compliment my writing skills.

They go so far as to say how much they wish they could write like me. They wonder how I manage to churn out such beautiful pieces of written work every single time.

All of this is insanely flat...

May 3, 2018

Hi beloved fellow Nutritionist,

I know that now, more times than we can count, you’ve heard the story of how my cofounder

Dr. Vishal and I came together to build NEP a little over a year ago.

However, after a point, we started to observe something fascinating - something...

The key to successful selling: learn to approach sales differently.

Instead of a 'hard sell' approach, simply try to understand the struggles that your potential client is dealing with. Your goal is to lead them to the best solution for them, the best way that YOU can h...

Ever felt like a life lesson you learn doesn’t apply to one element of your life but to every element of your life? This is precisely how we felt recently too! So after several weeks of immersing ourselves in NEP life (logos, branding, elevator pitches, storytelling, n...