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Nutrition College Stories

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Don’t we all have infinite memories from our nutrition college? From the first year to the day of graduation - the entire journey is overwhelming and memorable in equal parts. Today, walk down memory lane with us and let’s revisit our college days ;)

You are just about getting accustomed with nutrition and now you have to learn about how to Operate a sewing machine for the very first time in your life!

You thought you have FINALLY said goodbye to Mathematics after Grade 10 but now - Menu Planning enters your life!

When you are finally comfortable with menu planning, Biochemistry decides to surprise you. Remember Glycolysis, the Krebs cycle and all of the rote learning days?

With all the hard struggles and sleepless nights, you finally find a way out to memorise all the cycles in Biochemistry. Woohooo! I'm sure you must have raised a toast to that once the term ended.

And there’s your cherished professor of course - the one who loves surprise tests and Pop Quizzes. Well, I guess that's the only time in your life when you actually wish you wouldn't have gotten such surprises, duh!

And the other cherished professor - the one who NEVER gave you ready made notes and insists that you read through difficult 5000 page reference books and make your OWN NOTES.

Also, let’s not forget our favourite eating joints! You would think that our field of study would have an impact on our food choices. Did it though? ;)

And when EXAMS would approach, the last week or two would be all about gathering notes, endless discussions with our friends, sleepless nights and finally attempting the exam!

And then we finally graduated! ConGRADtulations to all of us!

Do you have specific memories from your college years you’d like to share with us? Do let us know on our social media handles shared below.

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