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Beyond one-on-one counselling. NEP Week - 4

We are more than halfway through the program! Waking up seemed like such an ordeal only a few weeks ago! And now, here we are complaining that we can’t sleep in on weekends even if we try because our bodies are attuned to waking up by 6:00 am latest! Isn’t that such a wonderful problem to have?

Key learning from this week below:

Health promotion programs: It’s almost silly in today’s day and age to rely exclusively on personal counseling to fetch all your revenue. Revenue apart, you’re going to get bored of it after sometime too and despite how fulfilling it is to see your clients transform, you will crave a new challenge! Conducting innovative health programs is one such tactic to break the monotony and reach out to a greater audience. Introducing a health program adds a new feature to your services that would not only add a lot of value to your company and your personal brand, but also to your clients. They would get to learn from you AND from each other. We did some deep dives into comprehensive concepts involved when it comes to planning a health program from start to finish.

Effective telephonic counseling: There is too much about our job and industry to love. However, one of the most glorious things about our work is that thanks to phone and online counseling, we don’t have to limit ourselves to clients only in our neighborhoods. We can reach out to clients globally and grow our practice! However, this isn’t possible if we are afraid of speaking on the phone and stuck in a rut of only face-to-face counseling. Long distance communication has become so much easier thanks to phone calls, Skype calls, WhatsApp calls, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Facebook calls and everything in between. Why not take advantage while we can?! We learned some strategies on how to have an Impactful telephonic counseling session such that our clients don’t feel any kind of distance or deprivation in our counseling tactics!

Newsletters: A lot of times we impulsively sign up for a newsletter and for a short time, we may be hooked onto it but let’s be honest, our eyes just glaze over the content after some time and eventually, we stop reading and finally, we unsubscribe! We cannot let this happen when we send out newsletters to our clients! And thus, we learned all about how to craft compelling newsletters, the important do’s and don’ts of building customer relationship and ways we can subtly yet effectively market our brand. And of course, no lecture is complete without an application-based, take-home activity. Rest assured, our fellows are already getting their first newsletter drafts done!

And no, this isn’t all. After working hard for 4 weeks, we felt entitled to a getaway for the weekend where we used adventure activities to teach us all about risk-taking and being successful entrepreneurs and business owners. More on this in our next feature. Stay tuned! :)

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