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Different types of clients

Even after just a few months of client/patient counselling as a Nutritionist or a Dietitian, you may encounter all sorts of clients. Just for fun, let’s review a few different types.

#1: The High Protein Seeker

These clients want a diet to aid their elaborate gym routine of weight training and HIIT workouts.

#2: The Carb Loather

This batch claims that their system feels ‘weird’ after eating carbs and they declare themselves as gluten intolerant without any medical tests

#3: The Starving Souls

Introducing the - 'Want to fit into my clothes in 15 days’ hence willing to starve bunch

This group will insist and persist that you give them a “super strict” diet plan

#4: The weight-watcher

These clients are only chasing numbers. They count every gram of weight which has been lost or gained. They want your diet plan to show grand changes in the number on the weighing scale

#5: The Procrastinator

They consult you on a Friday and they promise you they will begin their new healthy lifestyle from Monday, ALWAYS!

#6: The Superfood Eater

Their staple food is whichever item is the current hot thing - dried moringa, spirulina, green tea, quinoa or another exotic food

#7: The overeater

They chronically eat past the point of extreme fullness and believe their genes are to be blamed.

How many of these have you encountered in your career? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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