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Nutritionists vs Lockdown

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Here are some inspirational accounts of our NEP fellows and how they made the best of the lock-down. From offering their expert advice to news channels, conducting webinars, publishing articles in magazines and conducting virtual workshops - they went out of the way to contribute to society during the most difficult phase of our life!

We are so proud of you!

More power to the Nutripreneurs! Keep growing and keep inspiring!

Kejal Shah, Nutrivity -

Nutripreneur Kejal Shah, founder of Nutrivity, got featured by ABP News.

She did her bit for the community by offering her expert advice on how to stay healthy, prevent lifestyle diseases and bounce back post lockdown!

We couldn't be more proud of you Kejal. Keep up with your great work!

Hetal Sariya, Paathey

Hetal Saraiya, founder of Paathey - Diet Clinic based out of Ahmedabad, got featured in the Femina Magazine where she shared some tips and tricks on both maintaining and strengthening your immunity!

Click here to read the article.

All the best Hetal! Keep up your amazing work and keep making us proud:)

Mittal Waghela, Healthystan

Mittal Rathod Waghela, founder of Healthystan, conducted a live session in collaboration with Mrs. Supriya Suvarna, Early Childhood Educator (Founder, Little Innocence) for parents to help them create healthy eating plans for their families!

Great job Healthystan, we wish you ample success!

Sakina Patrawala, Zeal Wellness

Nutrition consults or reaching out to the masses no longer depends (and truly never did) on an in person session! During the lockdown, one of our very sincere fellow, Sakina Modi Patrawala - founder of Zeal Wellness, has been on a spree of conducting webinars! Her recent webinar was for Cricketers and their nutrition!

Brilliant work, Sakina! Keep inspiring :)

Sushma Gumma, Nourishia

Nourishia’s Founder Sushma Gumma got interviewed on @etvandhrapradesh on the topic of Immunity boosting foods and Lifestyle changes. Do watch and share with your loved ones😊 Full interview link 👇🏻 here: 

Sushma also got featured in Josh talks where she shared her personal story on how her own health issues lead her to study Nutrition and become a Nutripreneur. Humble and grounded that she is, she says, "NEP definitely played a major role in my life, thank you team NEP😊🙏🏻"

Their hard work fills our heart with pride and gratitude! Keep smiling and inspiring like you always do, Sushma!

Anagha Desai, Zing wellness

Our fellows keep their head down and keep working hard to give their best to their clients!

Our very early fellow, Anagha Desai - founder of Zing Wellness, based out of the UK did an Instagram live with a Marathi Actress Jui Gadkari earlier this month. 

They spoke about how to take care of our health during the lockdown, ways to build immunity. Jui also shared her fitness mantra with the viewers. They spoke in Marathi and filled the hearts and minds of their viewers with love and knowledge - in that order ;)

And finally, a special shout out to all the IMPACT Program Leaders for successfully running the Stay at Home Wellness Challenge. For more than a month, they ran a Facebook community with over 800 members and inspired them to stay healthy and fit while sharing a daily dose of positivity in the form of inspirational messages, exercise tips, recipes and medical updates.

These were just a handful of stories. Every day our nutripreneurs continue to inspire us with their courage and ingenuity!

Did you do something special for the community during the lockdown?

If yes, please write to us on .

We will feature your inspirational stories on our social media page!

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