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7 Entrepreneurship Lessons from our Getaway!

Ever felt like a life lesson you learn doesn’t apply to one element of your life but to every element of your life? This is precisely how we felt recently too! So after several weeks of immersing ourselves in NEP life (logos, branding, elevator pitches, storytelling, newsletters, motivational counseling and everything in between), we deemed it only fair that we get out for a day and re-energize ourselves. But in a very subtle and yet glorious way, the learnings of all the weeks came back to us and we were seeing them literally everywhere!

So to summarize, here are a few things that the getaway taught us; thoughts which crept up perhaps from NEP sessions but we saw it play out clearly during our day out too!

LESSON 1: Adapt to unforeseen situations and have a backup plan

Our initial getaway plan was to take a ferry to Alibaug, but unprecedented rains saw the ferries being canceled and our plans washed out. We could have complained and gotten seriously worked up about how the rains ruined our plans. But instead of doing that, we made an alternate plan to go to Elephanta island and had a great time anyway! It’s silly to assume that your startup won’t encounter similar teething troubles but whether or not you choose to let those bog you down is a decision you will make.

LESSON 2: Make hay while IT RAINS!

As the ferry streamed through the Arabian sea, a light drizzle turned into a heavy shower. Out came the umbrellas, and those who didn’t have one scrambled under the shelters. At that point, one of our fellows just walked out, spread her hands and welcomed the rain! At first, this decision was met with glances and stares from the people aboard the ferry but 3 minutes later, everyone was out there dancing in the rains and getting drenched! When you start a practice, don’t be afraid to let go and embrace the storm and rest assured, you will become the trend-setter and everyone else will follow suit. Be bold, be brazen!

LESSON 3: Establish common ground and leverage the similarities

During our trip, an NEP fellow met a server who came from the same city she did and they shared immense bonding over the common geography so much so that he decided to give her a coffee on the house ;) While she established common ground, her intent wasn’t to extrapolate a free coffee. Similarly, during sessions, find common ground with your clients and establish a rapport. Commonalities build trust and liking, and the stage is set for an engaging interaction.

LESSON 4: Be a Jack of all trades!

After hiking up the mountain, we all settled down to play board-games - Jenga, Taboo, Spy, and a lot more! The fellows who aced the board games were ones who were knowledgeable about diverse subjects. Yes, you are a Nutritionist but it is important to know about management, IT, social media, website design etc. so that even if you outsource these tasks, you know what needs to be done and how.

LESSON 5: Get better with every iteration

As we engrossed ourselves in the board games, some of our fellows emerged as champions in a game that they had just learnt. Everytime you a play a game, you’re better at it than the first time. You’ve understood the strategy and how things operate. This applies to your nutrition practice also. By the tenth client, you will be confident, by the 50th client, you will know how to empower and motivate at the back of your hand and by the 100th client, you will be an absolute expert!

LESSON 6: Leverage your strengths and delegate your weaknesses

The teams that won were the ones where the fellows knew how to effectively leverage their strengths and weaknesses. If you are good at something (and enjoy doing it), do it yourself. If you know that you suck at it, delegate it to a team member who is good at it. This would make for both a winning Jenga team and a successful nutrition practice!

LESSON 7: Accept and embrace changes

Alibaug turned to Elephanta and so also, maybe your career will evolve from Nutritionist to Nutripreneur to something else. Accept and embrace these different roles!

That was all about our short, adventurous trip! It was indeed a refreshing getaway and we took back not only memories and experiences, but also lifelong learnings!

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