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Successful Nutritionists do THIS...

Hi beloved fellow Nutritionist,

I know that now, more times than we can count, you’ve heard the story of how my cofounder

Dr. Vishal and I came together to build NEP a little over a year ago.

However, after a point, we started to observe something fascinating - something that we didn’t expect at all! What was that you ask?

Well, we actually started to see and witness with our own set of eyes patterns and commonalities. Fellows who would succeed had specific traits and fellows who progressed slower had specific traits.

In this blog-post I want to share THREE effective traits of SUCCESSFUL NUTRIPRENEURS in the hope that it gets you to look inward and move onward and upward (both in your nutrition business and in life) ;)

Success secret #1: Bias towards IMPERFECT ACTION

Those who succeed are absolutely okay with imperfections! They don’t spend 5 hours trying to write a perfect blog post. They spend 40 minutes consistently writing imperfect ones and the practice of writing makes them better and better.

They don’t wait 6 months to launch a perfect program. They launch an imperfect one and iterate it along the way with client and patient feedback. You get the drift. Imperfect actions are BETTER and more sound than sitting on the possibility of perfect future actions!

Success secret #2: Ability to NOT OVERANALYSE

This ties into the first pointer. “If I post a video of myself, what will my friends friend think of me?” “Will I seem self involved?” “What if no one sees or likes my videos? Will it make me look like an idiot?”

STOP with the overanalyzing! Successful Nutritionists are like horses with blinkers on. They don’t look left, they don’t look right. They know already that their purpose is to serve others, create value, deliver impact and bring out positive transformations. If doing that involves posting videos of themselves, they will have no qualms doing it.

Success secret #3: Willingness to FAIL!

Successful people know for a fact that if they aren’t failing, it only means one thing - they aren’t trying enough new things! They aren’t challenging themselves enough and that’s not okay when trying to build a business from scratch.

It’s important to put yourself in deeply uncomfortable situations. It’s important to fall flat on your face and hurt your nose and bleed a little. And most importantly, it’s important to take the lesson, pick up, brush yourself off and do it all over again - this time with the lesson you learned in mind.

How many of these do you have already? How many of these do you need to work on? When will you start working on your business growth? Do hit ‘Reply’ and let us know. We respond personally to each email.

To your success,

Dt. Tehzeeb Lalani

Program Director

Nutritionist Entrepreneurship Program


It's time to Dream

It's time to Grow

It's time to WIN!


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