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Become a Content-writing Rockstar in these 5 simple steps!

Dear fellow Nutritionist,

A lot of people I meet compliment my writing skills.

They go so far as to say how much they wish they could write like me. They wonder how I manage to churn out such beautiful pieces of written work every single time.

All of this is insanely flattering - especially when I meet people I don’t personally know who follow my work.

However, my mind instantly jumps to - why would anyone try to be like me when they are already themselves?

Instead of trying to be a crappy version of me, you could be a glorious version of yourself! Sounds cliché but it’s very profound and true.

So for everyone’s sake, what I have today are 5 clean and easy content writing tips to attract your audience and keep their attention intact the whole entire time.

Tip #1: Don’t try to be me or Chetan Bhagat or anyone else - be yourself.

Your audience can sense and smell almost instantly when the voice isn’t yours and guess what - they will leave! They will go read content from someone who is using their own authentic voice. So find your voice and don’t be afraid to express it on social media - even if it makes you feel slightly naked.

Tip #2: Be genuine and help people solve real problems

Most (in fact all) Nutritionists I’ve met have become part of the profession because they want to help people. So when you’re writing content - genuinely try to help your audience solve their problems. If every piece of content is you trying to sell them something - that would be distasteful and unpleasant. You have a medium to connect directly with your audience and help them - do this to the best of your ability!

Tip #3: Be honest and real

This is slightly different from genuine. If you’re asking your audience to eat salads while you pig out on pizza - they will be able to sense that what you say isn’t what you do. Ever so often, put content and images around ‘not-so-healthy’ foods which you consume. You’re human and there’s no harm in showing that to your audience.

Tip #4: Make a writing schedule for yourself to build discipline

Writing is like a muscle - the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.

It’s easy to get caught in the rut of - “I will write when I feel inspired.” Guess what - inspiration might strike at 3:00 am when it won’t be feasible for you to fully wake yourself up and put pen to paper (or keyboard to word document in most cases). Instead, try to write for 15-20 minutes daily or a few times a week and stick to that schedule and discipline. Writing consistently will help you more over the long-term than writing sporadically when you feel inspired.

Tip #5: Stop trying to sketch out perfect pieces of content

Perfect is an illusion and a myth. I am confident you say this to your clients and patients but the sooner you realize this yourself - the better it would be for your own sake. Once you’re done writing, allocate ample time for editing, re-editing and be okay with the fact that your written work will go through multiple drafts and iterations before it’s at a place where you feel content with it. And this is not only acceptable, but also extremely normal!

Was this article helpful? Hit ‘Reply’ and let me know! I love hearing from your guys!


Dt. Tehzeeb Lalani

Program Director

Nutritionist Entrepreneurship Program


It's time to Dream

It's time to Grow

It's time to WIN!


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