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Building blocks of Business: NEP week 2

Past Friday, we finished our second learning infused week at NEP and of course, even though it’s Monday, we are all too eager to share our learnings with you!

Here they are:

Building your own personal brand: If you’re a Nutripreneur looking to start your own practice, you may have the best, sound, scientific knowledge but if you don’t know how to build a brand, you will get left behind unfortunately. Keeping this in mind, we learned all about how to build our own personal brand. We also received a personal branding check-list where some of us scored fairly low. We hope to have check marked several pointers on the list by the end of the course

Building your organisational brand: Why have an organisational brand if you yourself can be a brand? With time, if you’re looking for scalability in your business model, moving from a personal brand toward a larger organisational brand might be a good idea. A good brand/organization is clear on its offerings, its values and value propositions and expresses itself succinctly via a logo and tagline. All of these come together to cumulatively form a brand identity. We put some serious thought into what our personal and organizational brands are about and are aggressively working towards creating logos, taglines and a brand identity for our current and future nutrition practices!

Marketing and promotions: Yes, we know it sounds like a dirty word to so many of us when we read it. And it almost makes like feel unchaste just thinking about it; let alone having to do it! At NEP, we put our heads together, collectively brainstormed and within a span of 15 minutes, came up with 48 ideas for client acquisition using innovative and marketing and promotional tactics which won’t make us come off as tacky and gross.

Sales: If we perceive marketing and promotions to be the mean step siblings, then sales is the evil step-mother! Most of us dislike selling because it makes us feel anxious, pushy, needy, and sweaty. However, how will people benefit from our glorious services if we refuse to sell it to them? We learned some practical strategies (which were rooted in science) to sell our services without coming off as a salesperson. It does sounds too good to be true but it most certainly isn’t ;)

IMPACT Challenge-Week 2 (From Inspiration to Motivation): While Week 1 managed to successfully inspire us, Week 2 got more interesting because we took a leap forward from inspiration to motivation. We set 5 SMART (specific, measureable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound) goals and put it on our weekly IMPACT sheet!

That’s it for Week 2! We already have our branding tasks cut out for us and we will utilize Week 3 to learn all about IT skills and even get ourselves our own personal website!

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