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So here's the SECRET!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

The key to successful selling: learn to approach sales differently.

Instead of a 'hard sell' approach, simply try to understand the struggles that your potential client is dealing with. Your goal is to lead them to the best solution for them, the best way that YOU can help them.

A traditional sales conversation goes like this:

  • Hi, my name is XYZ

  • This is what I do, and this is what I am good at

  • These are my products and services

  • These are my fees

  • Would you like to buy my services?

This approach may not be the most effective way of selling. Primarily because it does not take into account the needs of the client.

Instead, change the sales conversation to this -

  • Hi, may I hear about your needs and struggles?

  • What have you been doing to solve your problems?

  • How would you FEEL when you achieve your goals?

  • This is how my approach is different from the rest

  • Would you like me to be the person to help you?

As you will notice, in the second conversation, there is not even a mention of the price. The conversation is entirely focused on the client and their needs. Once the client is convinced that you are the best person to solve their problem, your job is done. Discussing the price is now a mere formality!

And often, it turns out that the best way for you to help involves creating an emotional outcome for your clients. This outcome could be anything - weight loss, fat loss, inch loss, hormonal balance, improved blood sugar control, reduced sugar cravings or even relieving their anxiety and making them feel good about themselves!

You can do it!

When you shift your perspective to this outlook, you approach your sales in a more comfortable, confident way. Your future clients will trust and respect you more for it. And yes, for once, you will really enjoy selling!

Within NEP, we provide expansive, elaborate and specific strategies to enrol clients and/or patients into your program in a genuine, authentic, non-salesy way.

We want to help you and give you the truth about what it takes to sell your program effectively and profitably through your earliest stages of business growth.

So if you have a nutrition practice that you want to scale (or launch for the first time), or you’re just thinking about quitting your job and starting a nutrition business in the future, this program would be extremely beneficial to you.

To learn more about our Program visit us on :

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